Is Customer Service a Lost Art? Not at Valley View!

Do you ever think about why a company does what it does? At Valley View that answer is because our heart has always been devoted to providing great customer service in the hospitality space. Yes, we provide beautiful furnished condos, in a great location, but our heart is what makes us different. Most recently, the majority of our rentals have been with clients that are in between houses. Let’s face it, everyone wants to be in their own home. However, when this isn’t possible, our team thrives on making your clients, employees or friends feel at home and in fact a current guest let us know that staying with us felt like a “mini home.”

We also love to help those who are new to our area. Our staff are life long residents of Northern Kentucky, and get excited to tell our clients all of the great things our region offers. Getting to know our clients, their likes and their hobbies allows us to expose them to some of the wonderful things that we’ve always enjoyed about our area.

Obviously, the best compliment we can receive is when a guest lets us know how much they enjoyed their stay, like Katrina whose husband was transferred to our area from Amsterdam with his family to work with a local manufacturer:

“We rented a furnished apartment at Valley View between houses. It was a very pleasant experience. The team went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and hassle free. The apartments are conveniently and centrally located, easy access to Edgewood community park for a walk and holiday entertainment. Clean and well-kept property, accommodating and friendly staff and management team. There was a nice pool and playground and plenty of parking. We enjoyed our stay. Thank you!”


Let Valley View help you take care of your clients, employees and friends while they are looking for their perfect home. Call us today at 859-341-3360 so we can help make their next stay “hassle free.”