Do you remember being a kid and watching Sesame Street? There were some classics, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, Cookie Monster and who can forget the running bit about ‘One of These Things is not like the Other”? We find that’s true sometimes when people are comparing Valley View Furnished Condos with a long-term stay at a hotel. One of these things really is not like the other.

Yes we are both places to stay that have beds and a roof, but the similarities begin to fade rather quickly beyond that.

Can you imagine living for more than 30 days in a room the size of your bedroom? According to the NAHB, that’s the average size of a master bedroom of homes 3,000 sq ft and larger. Many hotel rooms are 300-400 square feet while our units are 1,100 sq ft and up. Beyond that, is there a true comparison to be made. You can stay in a hotel room, but you can live at Valley View Furnished Condos.

In our research we’ve discovered that many hotels charge as much OR MORE than we do; sometimes CONSIDERABLY MORE. On top of that, you add the 12.36% hotel tax and many times you’re paying much more and getting much less.

Ultimately it’s about overall value. What are you actually getting for my money, let’s compare:

Ultimately you have to ask yourself what is it worth to actually live like I’m in a home rather than in a hotel room? How much more relaxed will you be? How much more productive because you’re more at peace? Come home to Valley View Furnished Condos.