Whenever your company brings someone to the United States from another country, there is a lot of planning involved.  You need to consider passports, visas, flights, housing, logistics, etc.  To help you make sure your clients and employees are ready to meet travel guidelines for international travel, we’ve provided a few tips.

  • Send them as much information as you can about the area they will be traveling to.  What the requirements are for visas and help them become familiar with the customs and culture of the area.
  • Make sure there are no travel restrictions.  They can check the US Embassy or Consulate for the most up-to-date information.
  • Insure they are aware of all of the necessary documentation that will be needed once they arrive in our country.  You want them to feel welcome once they arrive from the very beginning.  This includes any paperwork they would need for necessary medications.
  • Have them check with their banks to verify any charges and fees for using ATM’s in our country.  Also, have them notify their credit card company and look into the exchange rate.
  • Prepare for the unexpected.  Make sure that they make two photocopies of all of their travel documents in case of an emergency.  They can leave one at home and carry the other separately from their original documents in case they are lost or stolen.  They can also digitize them.
  • Suggest they download directional map apps so that they know where they’re going once they arrive.
  • Make sure that they have an international data plan for their phone and internet usage – and have the necessary power adapters and chargers.
  • Have Valley View Furnished Condos ready and waiting for their arrival.  74% of our business is international, so we are accustomed to making our expats comfortable and feel right at home.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and will share them with your international friends.  Let Valley View Furnished Condos be your first call when you find that you will be hosting an expat, they will thank you for it!