You can easily do this while staying at Valley View Furnished Condos. You can enjoy all of the comforts of home while living on the road. We provide secure wireless internet (not a shared wifi) so you can hold meetings in the privacy of your own unit and not have to work in a shared work space, coffee shop or library.

Have you ever considered moving closer to family or just to a new fun city? Furnished condos allow you the freedom to explore a new area without signing a long-term lease or enter into a mortgage. Why not try a city out first? With our 30 day minimum stay, you’ll be able to work from your unit and then explore the city in your free time. Check out what the city has to offer.

The best part is – you only need to bring your food and clothing. We provide everything else. If you think you’d like a change of scenery, give us a call at 859-341-3360 and let the professionals at Valley View Furnished Condos show you how we can make this process smoothly and hassle-free.