This or that, here or there, yes or no; our lives are full of choices. Decision making can be one of the most stressful things we do. Some decisions are relatively benign; Coke or Pepsi (choose water by the way). Other choices carry heavier consequences, such as where to live when traveling for work or when you’ve been displaced from your home for some reason.

Corporate Housing

There is no doubt you can find cheaper places to stay overnight near Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. We’re equally as confident that you CANNOT find a more comfortable place to stay than with US.

Dollar for dollar; foot for foot

Anybody can probably stay anywhere for a week and be “fine”, but what about for 3 months? How about six? When comparing ours with the accommodations at other furnished corporate housing facility, size matters! Commonly our units, at 1,100+ sq ft, are often TWICE the size of our competitors. It’s the difference between driving a subcompact and luxury vehicle for 3 months. Have you ever been in the cramped backseat of a car on a road trip and just wanted to stretch your legs but can’t? Do you remember how physically and mentally frustrating that was? Imagine a 3 or 6-month business trip and every time you come home at the end of a tough day you just can’t quite “stretch your legs.”

“Adults, this way please”

Valley View Temporary Furnished Housing gives you grown up comfort with grown-up amenities while other corporate housing facilities treat you like an incoming freshman at college. Remember how you couldn’t get all your stuff in the dorm fridge? Our units have residential style appliances and appointments. We think adults should live like adults. Why not be comfortable?

Of course, I Love You

Joking around with my kids I would say, “I love you; mostly when your asleep or out playing but I love you.” There isn’t a parent in the world that can’t identify.

If you’ve experienced damage that has forced you out of your home or perhaps your home sold before the new one was complete. Either way, you don’t want to add stress to an already stress-filled situation by being constantly on top of each other, do you?

Our units are two and three bedroom condominiums that give you “rainy day” breathing space. The kids can go color or play video games on the TV in the other room while you sit on the screened in porch with a glass of wine and listen to the crickets as the sun sets. Why not be comfortable.

Why not be comfortable

In any case, you should think through the implications of how your living arrangements impact your relationships at home, at work and your overall productivity at both. Once you have, ask yourself, “Do I want a place to stay or do I want a place to LIVE?”

We’ll see you at Valley View.