Do you know of a company that brings interns into town for a semester? Internships are a great way for companies to test-drive a potential applicant as well as gain exposure on college campuses while giving the intern the experience they will need as they enter the job market after graduation. It’s a win win for all involved.

However, if the intern is out of town, then there is the challenge of where they will stay and who pays for it. Finding a place to live for 3-5 months is difficult for the interns since they are typically unfamiliar with the area and instead of gearing up and focusing on their upcoming internship at your company; they are stressed about where they will live and how they will pay for it.

Providing short term housing and paying some or all of the rent is a wonderful way to remove the headache of short term housing for both the employer and the intern. Valley View Furnished Condos is just the solution you are looking for. We provide quality furnished accommodations, in a turnkey environment, so all they need to bring with them is food and clothing. Our secure buildings put the minds of their parents at rest that they are in a safe environment, and they will be very appreciative that they don’t have to set up housing for them.

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