Along with May flowers, April showers can also bring flooded basements, damaged roofs and much more. So much more, in fact, you may have to hire an expert to get your home and life back to normal. A home disaster of water, wind or fire damage can feel disorienting and devastating.

We know this first hand. Almost 2 years ago we experienced our own “home disaster” when one of our buildings suffered a lightning strike. It more completely informed us of what many of our clients experience when they suffer such an event. Although our staff wasn’t displaced, many of our residence were. Fortunately, we were able to accommodate them in other units in Valley View.

As for our issue, we knew there was only one call to make – – we called Professional Properties in Ft. Mitchell, KY. They handle home disasters of water, wind, fire damage and more. They really put our mind at ease and helped us through every step of the process.

A big part, for the consumer, in a disaster is the question of where they are going to live while their home is being put back together? That’s where we come in and in many cases, homeowners insurance carrier will be very excited about your choice to stay with us.

Trying to live in a hotel is difficult and can be very expensive as well. PLUS, there’s little to no space to “get away” from each other in the case of a family whose been displaced. As much as anyone loves their children, there is still time you don’t want them right by your side. Since we have two and three bedroom units with flat-screen TVs, family members can individually turn on the cable channel of their choice at no additional charge.

Many insurance policies cover incidentals such as laundry service, meals and more. Since, at Valley View, we have full-size washer and dryers in our units you won’t have to be lugging your dirty laundry to the dry cleaner or laundry mat. As far as meals are concerned, eating out is wonderful for a whilethen you’re ready for a home-cooked meal. Our kitchens are fully equipped with residential appliances, cooking utensils and everything else you need to serve your favorite meal for the whole family.

These are among the reasons we know that if a displaced family tours Valley View then a hotel, we believe they will choose to stay at Valley View should disaster strike.