Do you have a favorite restaurant, store, dry cleaner, etc.? How about a favorite place to vacation? The one thing they all will have in common is that they provide great customer service and leave you with a great customer experience. Whether it’s price, convenience, location – whatever the reason – they provide you with a value that you haven’t found elsewhere.

Valley View Furnished Condos would love the opportunity to provide you and your clients with this type of customer experience. Located in Crestview Hills, Ky we are just minutes from Cincinnati, Hebron and the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. Staying with us is stress-free, because you simply only need to bring your food and clothing and we take care of everything else. As for price, we offer double the living space (1100 sq. ft!!) at less than the cost of a typical extended stay. We think extended stay hotels are great, but if you need to stay somewhere for more than 30 days, we provide you the comfort you would be accustomed to at your own home, with in-room washer/dryer, cable tv and a DVR as well as secure wireless internet.

Learn how we can make your customer experience great! Give us a call at 859-341-3360 or email us at for additional information.