The view of Northern Kentucky from the West Side of Cincinnati

Everything seems to be clicking along at work, you’re in a weekly and monthly rhythm; you’re what you might say – “in the groove.” In the middle of your ‘grooving’ your boss calls and tells you there’s a project in Cincinnati that is going to require some attention from you over the next several weeks and maybe a month or two. (or three…)

You cringe at the thought. The thought of leaving your team and leading them remotely, the thought of leaving your family. You love your work, but you really don’t want to travel to do it. What’s next?

You could let HR pick where you stay, you’ve seen them pick nice hotels in the past. There was however, that time they put you in the hotel right in the flight pattern by the airport. Certainly convenient, but getting and STAYING asleep was a challenge. You were tired and lethargic that whole trip. It really zapped your creativity and focus.

This project your boss will be expecting your best and you want to deliver so maybe you ought to do a little research about places to stay in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. Your project will have you working Downtown, but your company normally doesn’t spring for downtown property for more than a couple of days.

In your Google search for ‘corporate housing,’ there are several options, and one is in a small little suburb called Crestview Hills, KY. Though in a neighboring state, it’s only minutes from Downtown Cincinnati; in fact, about 8 miles or so.

When you click on the link you’re not sure you were taken to the right place because it looks like a complex of personal condominiums. It definitely doesn’t have that, “we rented this furniture just for you” feel to it. In fact, the unit in the online tour looks much like your own home.

As you tour the unit virtually, you’re relieved at the idea of it being able to sit in a living room or on a screened in back porch after work and read or have a glass of wine – or BOTH. Then you figure, “that’s gotta be expensive.” It’s the end of the day, so you shut down your computer and head home, not thinking any more about it that night.

The next day at work you start getting the emails about the project in Cincinnati so you think about staying in a small, cramped, hotel room. You decide you want an answer; how expensive is this place you found yesterday?

You click on the website again and call the number at the top of the page. You are greeted by a very pleasant lady named Tricia and after some pleasantries, you ask her the price. She wants to know the dates of the stay, how many people; things like that. She tells you the daily rate and your flabbergasted; “did I just hear her right,” you wonder, that’s what you normally pay for a single hotel room and this is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium with a full kitchen and laundry.

When you hang up, you immediately call HR and ask them to call Tricia back and book your stay at Valley View Furnished Condos.