We likely all know people who have sold their house faster than they expected or in a time frame for which they were not prepared and all of the sudden there’s a whole raft of issues they didn’t expect. Not the least of which is WHERE DO I LIVE while I’m waiting on my house to be completed or find another?

First, we’re not real estate experts but the natural law of supply and demand informs us that when inventory is low there is opportunity for getting more than when inventory is high. We reached out to Northern Kentucky Real Estate expert Duane DeGroff to get his insight into current market conditions and what makes a house sell quickly and at a premium.

One of the first things DeGrof told us, “I’m not sure that the current conditions are all that unique or unusual, we have a very habitual market, people tend to wait for the roses to bloom before they list.”

He said the lower inventory levels naturally generate more activity but he said the same three keys apply; which are “Pricing, Condition & Location”. When we asked him what conditions detract from a listing, without hesitation he said, “Odor. Whether it’s smoke or animal odors, that can be one of the toughest conditions to overcome.” DeGroff went on to say, “If a house is priced right, is in good condition and in the right neighborhood, it won’t last long right now.”

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, ask yourself; ‘What if I sell it tomorrow and they want to close in 2 weeks, can I?’ You want to be as flexible as possible and one thing you can do is be prepared with an alternate housing option.

In Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, we believe, Valley View Temporary Furnished Housing is without equal. Not because others are so shabby, but because of our Price, Condition & Location.

When you take the time to do the math and compare apples to apples, like our guests, you’ll determine we’re a tremendous value.

What many are not aware of is all the hidden value in our units; full size residential kitchen appliances including dishwasher, residential water heater, full size washer and dryer are all included.

Located in beautiful Crestview Hills, KY, our location is second to none. An inside joke at our office is ‘we’re 20 minutes to anywhere’. It is fairly accurate. You can get to just about anywhere worth getting to, in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, in about 20 minutes from Valley View.

So if you have not been by for a tour, please stop by, we’d love to show you around.