You do remember THE scene, right? In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold comes down stairs to the sound of children screaming and adults arguing, house guests all. Then as he stares out at the serene winter morning, he sees his wife’s crazy cousin Eddie dumping his RV holding tank in the storm sewer. Ah, the joy of a family Christmas! If only Clark had known about Valley View Temporary Furnished Living, everyone could have had a peaceful morning to themselves.

Do you really want cousin Eddie in your house?

Do you have parents or grandparents that enjoy being near for the holidays, perhaps Thanksgiving through Christmas or just after the New Year? Hotels would not only be too costly, but cramped. At Valley View, they can enjoy 2 bedroom/2 bath spacious living. So if both parents and grandparents are coming to town, they can both stay in the same unit.

First of all, each would have their own bedroom and share the spacious common area; a kitchen with full sized appliances, washer/dryer and most importantly, a residential, full size water heater (for more information, check out our amenities page)! Secondly, Valley View is a perfect holiday housing solution hidden away right in the middle of everything, just minutes to CVG, downtown Cincinnati or even Hyde Park and Indian Hill, OH.

Avoid the drama and stress of house guests?

So do yourself and your family a big favor this holiday season, share us with those who are traveling in from out of town. You might say something like, “I saw this and thought you might be more comfortable in your own place while you’re here” or “our schedules are so chaotic during the holidays, I thought this might be a great solution.”

You may even find they have been thinking the same thing, but didn’t know how to mention it to you. So go ahead, you’ll be glad you did.