In our last post, How to Avoid a Griswold Christmas, we had a bit of fun with some of the classic struggles of family holidays. However, we want everyone to have a blessed holiday with their immediate and extended family.

For some, the holidays begin just before Thanksgiving and end with the ringing in of the new year. If you have parents or inlaws staying in your guest bedroom it can create stress that make the holidays less than blessed.

Whether your family comes here to Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky to see the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden; loves Fountain Square all decked out or just simply to get time with you and the grands, we want to give you 3 big reasons they should stay with us.

3 Big Reasons to Stay at Valley View

  1. Houseguests Bring Stress – In her article The Trouble with Houseguests, Shawn M. Burn Ph.D. explains the WHY behind the stress. “At the heart of the matter is that houseguests temporarily set up their personal shop in another’s primary territory.  In contrast to secondary territories (like workplaces) and public territories (like stores), this is typically a cherished, personal territory where inhabitants have a high degree of personal control over an extended period of time. By suggesting (or insisting) your guests stay at Valley View, everyone has “their own” space and can breathe (in through the nose) a little easier (out slowly through the mouth).
  2. Houseguests Bring Mess – The natural mess is a subset of the the first point. What if you’re a person who cannot go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink but your houseguest can? Not only do we have mess, we have the potential for conflict. At Valley View Temporary Furnished Housing, we have residential size dishwashers and sinks, so no matter their idiosyncrasies, we have them covered.
  3. Houseguests Care Less – Different people have different priorities. Some people our “couch floppers” while others sit quietly. Some people think that if you’re related to them, walking out to the kitchen in their boxers to get their morning coffee is normal; after all you said, “make yourself at home!”

That’s all solved at Valley View, as long as they don’t treat our two bedroom, fully furnished unit like a rockstar and trash the place, when they leave, we do all the cleaning.

There you have it, 3 big reasons for your holiday guests to stay at Valley View Temporary Furnished Housing in Crestview HIlls, KY this year. (Share this on your Facebook page, maybe they’ll take the not so subtle hint…LOL!)