Selling Season is Upon Us!

The age old saying in real estate is “location, location, location,” however it’s also important to make sure that yours or your clients’ home is in excellent condition and that it’s priced right for the market. The right real estate professional can help you make sure you have all of those things in place. They can help you with staging your home and connecting you with just the right buyers.

If your house is priced right, is in good condition, in a great location and uncluttered, then in this market it’s very possible your house won’t be on the market for long… maybe not even by the end of the day! So, ask yourself, “What if I sell tomorrow and they want to close quickly… can I do that?” You’ll want to be as flexible as possible and the one thing you can do to be prepared for this is to have an alternate housing option. Valley View Furnished Condos would love to meet with you to explain how we can make this process a smooth one.

Happy selling!