We are fairly used to people asking us where we are located and normally it’s asked with a very perplexed tone; “where is Crestview Hills, KY???” When we get through telling them we are only about 15 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati, just minutes off of I-75 and the Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati Airport (CVG), they breathe a sigh of relief knowing their not driving an hour every morning to get to Amazon or their office a Proctor & Gamble.

However, convenience is not the only thing that makes Crestview Hills awesome. (and no we aren’t going to say it’s awesome because we’re here) Crestview Hills’ story goes back quite some time. Our little town was part of what was known as the Old Buffalo Trail to Big Bone Lick. Both native Americans and early settlers used the Old Buffalo Trail for hunting; many of these early pioneers settled in the area as early as 1785, but the actual date is uncertain.

The land that is Crestview Hills was originally a part of a 999 acre land grant to “expand the west” given to the Leathers family. Through the early 1800s everything was pretty uneventful in our little “burg”, but that changed as our nation plunged into Civil War. In 1862 General Henry Heth of the Confederacy was ordered to March on and take Cincinnati. That brought Gen. Heth through The Buffalo Trail, perhaps even over the land that Valley View Temporary Housing is currently built. Little did Gen. Heth realize he would run into 72,000 Union solders at Ft. Mitchel (Now Ft. Mitchell) stretching from the river town of Ludlow, KY all the way to Ft. Thomas, KY.

In the  1920’s, Crestview Hills was very much a rural community with the earliest descriptions reading; “Beautiful, smooth, permanent concrete driveways extend through the broad expanse of one hundred and twenty acres, not in the usual stereotyped conventional manner, but in a series of graceful winding curves and circles, with here and there spacious park areas of an occasional flower plot, sparkling lakes and beautiful shrubbery.”

Not unlike many real estate development ventures through the 20s, 30s, 40s, Crestview Hills had some difficulty drawing people into the “country” but as more and more people owned cars, the suburbs called.

During the boom of the post war 50s, Crestview Hills boomed as well and in the sixties, more and more retailers saw opportunity beyond the “end of the line” of the street cars. Through the 60s remained a sleepy bedroom community to Cincinnati and Covington, KY. As we entered the 70s and 80s, development of what is now our Crestview Town Center began with our local anchor store McAlpins(later purchased by Macy’s)

Today we boast some of the best shopping and dining in the area. PLUS, what can’t be found within 2 or 3 miles of our lovely city can be found in no more than a 15 or 20 minute drive. That’s why Crestview Hills is Awesome!