Ever have someone say to you, “you’re more likely to be struck by lightning”? We’ve heard it before, now we can say we’ve been HIT before too. Last week one of our units was struck by lightning. Thanks to the quick response by one of our residents, the first responders and our amazing staff, there were no human injuries though the damage to the building was fairly substantial, we are able to repair it and move on.

When something you own is struck by lightning, it sets your mind to wonder just how rare an event like that might actually be. Actually lightning, as it turns out, is not rare at all. Here are five facts that we have learned about lightning strikes in the last week.

  1. There are over 25 MILLION cloud to ground lightning strikes in the United States every year. Right here in Kentucky we have about 500,000 cloud to ground flashes each year. Who knew? (http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/stats/05-14_Flash_Density_State.pdf)
  2. There are about 58 deaths by lightning strike per year in the US. Fortunately, we didn’t even have any injuries, but lightning strikes kill more people than tornadoes or hurricanes which kill 55 & 47 respectively.
  3. Lightning Alley. That area of Florida between Tampa & Orlando known as Lightning Alley receives about 50 strikes per square mile per year. (Keep your head on a swivel down there)
  4. Not sure how the measure it, but we learned that the average temperature lightning is 36,000 degrees. That will amp up your s’mores out put!
  5. Lastly, the study of lightning is call Fulminology.

Now we know far more than we truly ever wanted to know about lightning and so do you probably.