This time of year, having just taken time at the end of November to reflect on all the reasons we have in this country to be thankful we come zooming into Christmas, one’s heart stays full of gratitude. All of us at Valley View Temporary Furnished Housing continue to be humbled by and grateful for those that stay with us over and over as well as how often our current clients are the source of new ones.

This time of year also churns up the word NEED. In Greater Cincinnati, there is a non-profit by the name, Neediest Kids of All that started in a Northern Kentucky School when a school’s resource coordinator helped 24 kids get eye exams and glasses. Since 1952 NKOA has raised over $22 Million for those in need in our region. However, you hear the word NEED used in another context just before Christmas by many in their teen years. Normally their NEED is for an XBOX or a new pair of jeans, but it’s a need in their head. You hear it in older adults as well, so we want to take a blog post and talk about NEED for a moment.

What is a Need Afterall?

What we NEED to survive is FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER, those are our only physical NEEDS and there are several of our neighbors who don’t, on a daily basis, have all of these needs. To help those in need of these essentials is Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky located in Covington at 634 Scott St. ESNKY which is open every night beginning November 1 and shelters both adult (18+) men and women. People can come in get a warm meal, place to get cleaned up and rest. Like any organization like this, it runs on volunteers and donations; to learn more about how you can help click here.

Suburban Need

Help for the homeless and hungry tend to coalesce in urban sectors of our area which prompted Mary Rose Mission to begin serving meals 2 days per week in Florence KY in 2013. Today MRM serves an evening meal 7 days a week totaling over 1,000 people. They too can’t do what they do without help from their community volunteers and benefactors. Would you be willing to serve on the prep or service team? You can learn more about how to help MRM by clicking here.

For What Are You Grateful?

Ultimately, our goal of this blog is to express our gratitude to God for His kindness toward our family and business in hope that you might pause and reflect on blessings of your own. Be careful using the word NEED, most likely you have far more than you actually do need and can share a bit with someone whose need is far greater.

Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!