If your company hires interns or brings interns into the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area you’re more aware than most, there are just a few great options for quality corporate housing. Where your internship candidates ultimately land may be determined by the type of internship they are fulfilling for your organization.

Most people think there are simply two types of internships; PAID and UNPAID, but that’s just the beginning. There are several types of internships we should take a moment to examine and if Valley View is a good solution for housing.

Internship Type: Co-Operative Education. The Co-Op Internship might involve students from The University of Cincinnati, Xavier or Northern Kentucky University. These students would gain practical working experience with local employers.

Valley View Value: Commonly, a company will work with a department or college and hire two students. To house them in individual units is costly and unnecessary because of our individually locking bedrooms. Each of our 2 and 3 bedroom units has keyed locks allowing interns or coworkers to share the common space of the unit while maintaining personal security.

Internship Type: Practicum. Typically more associated with white collar positions, you might see this sort of internship at Proctor & Gamble or Great American Insurance in Downtown Cincinnati.

Valley View Value: Fortunately we’re mere moments away from downtown, but miles away from the high priced downtown corporate housing costs. Literally only 8.4 miles from our location in Crestview Hills, KY to 3rd & Vine downtown Porkopolis!

Internship Type: Apprenticeship. There is a wide range of fields that leverage apprenticeships, ranging from Culinary Arts to construction trades. So whether your plumbing or plumbing the depths of a souffle, Valley View has some distinct advantages.

Valley View Value: Our full-sized, residential style kitchen is perfect for the aspiring chef to do “homework” or the traveling businesswoman to prepare a meal and bank her per diem. The trade’s apprentice will be happy to learn that we keep “mud trays” in our hall as they come in to deposit their work boots to help keep our buildings and units clean.

You can see there are many advantages to Valley View Temporary Housing, many of which we haven’t even covered here. Take the time to visit in person or take our Google Virtual Tour to see why we should be the place you stay when you’re in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.