Relocation. That word can strike fear in the heart of the most organized person. When you’re relocating, not only will the heart beat a bit faster but your mind races with the endless possibilities, both positive and negative. Most of the anxiety floats in a sea of decisions that will be made over the next several weeks and months; not to mention the schedule disruption. Yes, relocation can be stressful but there is one decision you can make that will ease your mind and settle your heart — staying, temporarily at Valley View Temporary Furnished Housing.

How to make great decisions: Relax

If you’re relocating to Northern Kentucky, whether for school, work or just coming home, among your biggest decisions is where to live. If you’re buying a home or signing a lease, those are relatively permanent decisions. Who would want to find within months they’re not happy with their location and then RELOCATE again so fast?!

Here are a few of the advantages of starting your relocation to Northern Kentucky with us:

  1. Removes Time Pressure. By starting your relocation process with us, you take the decision making time pressure off. When you remove the time pressure, your free to make more reasoned decisions.
  2. Creates Better Relationship Dynamics. When you add life pressures to a relationship, there is a risk of conflict. You bring a greater harmony by eliminating the immediate stress of what house to buy in what part of town.
  3. Understand the Lay of the Land. If you’re new to Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, you may not understand traffic patterns? You can literally do some “test drives” from different parts of town and get a sense of drive time to and from work. Where are the shops, restaurants and other amenities you like? By staying with us first, you have time to do your “recon” and answer those questions.
  4. Live Life Normally. Unlike a hotel room, Valley View’s 2 and 3 bedroom condos allow you to live as normally as possible in a transition period. Having a full sized washer and dryer in your unit, keeping you out of the laundromat can be a game changer. Add to that unit amenities such as full-size kitchen appliances, essential cooking utensils, all your linens and much, much, more.

Valley View gives you breathing room to make the best decisions for you and your family. We also give you an environment very much like home so as you come in for a landing in Northern Kentucky, your touchdown is as smooth as possible.