Looks as though Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is in for a few days of wet weather. Not that we’re complaining, we appreciate the break from the heat. It’s always a bit surprising to see the few number of people that use umbrellas or other rain gear. Even more surprising is how few people make driving adjustments when the conditions are wet and much more slick. Here are a few things you can do to stay a bit more safe when your driving in the rain.

  1. New Wipers. We just came out of real hot spell in NKY, so check your wipers. Extreme sun and heat can break down the rubber quickly and you might need to spend a couple of bucks on new ones.
  2. Slow Down. In perfect conditions people can drive on “auto-pilot” and inclement weather like rain that auto-pilot gets disrupted. You might think it a good thing, but drivers may respond differently under different conditions.
  3. Back off. Stopping distances are longer when the roadway is wet. Give yourself extra stopping time. Think about this, at 65 mph you are traveling 96ft PER SECOND. Use the six second rule. After the car in front of you passes a standing object, such as a mile maker or light post, you should be able to count to six before you pass it.
  4. Lights On. When it’s overcast and rainy you can be hard to see without your lights on; especially in review mirrors.
  5. Turn off the Cruise. You will normally respond faster than your cruise control if you begin to hydroplane so keep it turned off when it rains.

Hopefully those are some helpful reminders while you’re driving through Cincinnati. If you’re driving through Edgewood or Crestview Hills, stop by and see us.