Moving can be stressful enough without adding the idea of relocation to another city. The idea of moving yourself, your stuff and in many cases many members of your family to a different city or state can have a crippling effect on people.

It doesn’t have to be that way if you do what the pros do. We have compiled the 5 pro tips that make relocation far less stressful.

1. Do your Research. That may sound obvious, but many people don’t do it. You can alleviate many fears by doing solid research and there’s a great place to start – THE BEGINNING!

What do you feel like you’re going to miss most about where you currently live? Begin working on a replacement in the new community. Even if it’s your friends you will most miss, where did you meet your friends, church? Begin doing research for a church in the new area.

Already have the house in the new neighborhood? Send notes to 10-12 neighbors letting them know you look forward to meeting them when you get there. Include in your note ways for them to connect with you via social media and begin cultivating those relationships.

2. Prepare for the Move. There is an old saying, “Life by the yard is hard; life by the inch is a cinch.” Build a simple project plan and schedule your work then stick to the schedule. Brainstorm what has to happen 6 months, 3 months, 1 month out and then begin to weekly tick off tasks. Even something simple such as packing a box per night can make a tremendous impact on your readiness.

3. Hire Professionals. A DIY move can often cost you more or at least the same than hiring a professional. PLUS, when you are tired and/or frustrated, your reasoning skills aren’t as sharp so you are more apt to make an impulse buy if you need to “fix” something.

We highly recommend Nelson Markesbery Moving and Storage. Located right here in Northern Kentucky by us, they are an Allied Van Lines agent and can arrange your move across town, the country or the world.

4. Actively Fall in Love. Too often, people sit and pine for “home.” What you should be doing is cultivating your “current” relationship. Get out there and learn your new town and the people. What are the great local attractions & restaurants? Where’s the dog park? What about the best places to take the kids to play? Learn the history of the area. The history itself can be compelling enough to cause you to love your new home.

5. Keep a gratefulness journal. One of the best ways to begin to feel at home is to keep a gratefulness journal of all the positive things that are happening.

If you’ll take the time to do your part to fall in love with your new home, it won’t be long before you’ll feel at home just like you do now.