100 days ’til WHAT!?! If it didn’t immediately jump into your head, Christmas (yes you read it right – CHRISTMAS) is just 107 days away. If you do not believe me you can add your own verification by looking at The Christmas Clock. As a kid if I would make a passing statement about time moving too slowly, such as when you’re in the final weeks of the school year my mom would say, “wait till you’re my age, you won’t believe how fast time goes.” Now that I am “that age” it is completely mind-blowing how fast time flies.

Now that you’re already spun up over that fact that Christmas is little more than 100 days away, check these mind blowing, time flying reality checks.

  1. If you’re anywhere near 50 years old, then you remember the Carter Presidency. Rather than turn this post political, I’ll turn it personal. Remember little Amy, the Carter’s awkward little girl? Well she turns 49 next month. Amy married is 1996, had a son in 1999 and currently lives in Atlanta. She is on the board of the Carter Center which was established by her father Jimmy Carter.
  2. Speaking of Jimmy Carter, 35 years ago today, Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. On the one hand it does seem like ancient history but on the other like it was just yesterday.
  3.  37 years ago SONY introduced us to the coolest thing ever – The Walkman cassette player. July 1, 1979 SONY gave every American the opportunity to make music portable for just $200. When you consider for a moment the average monthly rent in the country at that time was $280, it was quite a chunk of change.
  4. Just a month later you would have been able to buy a cassette tape of Michael Jackson’s newly released his debut solo album Off the Wall August 10, 1979, which went on to sell over 20,000,000 units worldwide. The hit Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough won a Grammy Award.
  5. Closer to home and even more difficult to believe is it’s been 26 years since our own Cincinnati Reds went wire to wire to win the World Series.

So the next time you hear one of your kids say something about “time moving too slow” drop some knowledge on them about how you know time flies. In a blink they’ll be 50 too.